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NARCO BLOG: Mexican Drug Cartel Attempts to Rebrands itself by Changing Name to “Knights Templar”

NARCO BLOG: Mexican Drug Cartel Attempts to Rebrands itself by Changing Name to “Knights Templar”

Photo: Narco Banner

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A few hours ago many new narcobanners banners began appearing throughout various parts of Michoacán and Morelia, Apatzingan, Lazaro Cardenas, Among Others, and in Communities Such As Mira Tenure, Acalpican of Morelos, and Possession of Macaws.

The narcobanners were signed by a new group called the Knights Templar.  Fliers were also handed out introducing the new group.

The narco banners read:

“Our commitment with society will be the: safeguarding of order, preventing robberies, kidnappings and extortions and to shield the state from rival organizations,” the banners stated.

La Familia Michoacana is an extremely violent drug trafficking organization involved in extortion, kidnapping and other criminal activities, according to DEA documents.

Some Stayed up for over three hours, before they were removed by members of the Federal Police and the Mexican Army.

La Familia Michoacán, a criminal organization known for its violence and its narcotics trafficking — mainly methamphetamine production — is looking to re-emerge under the name of the Knights Templar. La Familia Michoacana is a partner of the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel and has stepped up its presence in northern Mexico in its fight against the Zetas.

La Familia is also the main supplier of methamphetamine in the United States, according to U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency documents.
By giving themselves a title a that is typically associated with a charitable and benign group, said George W. Grayson, a professor at the College of William and Mary and author of Mexico: Narco Violence and a Failed State.

“It’s an interesting choice,” Grayson said. “The Knights Templar were known as a charitable organization in the 12th century and were even recognized by the pope in the 1130s for their good deeds.
“Also, they were the most vicious warriors in the Crusades,” he said. “That may be the message they are trying to send.”

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Here are some pictures of the narcobanners :