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NARCO BLOG: Mayor breaks silence Tiquicheo, Michoacán

NARCO BLOG: Mayor breaks silence Tiquicheo, Michoacán

Photo: Maria Santos Gorrostieta Salazar

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Maria Santos Gorrostieta Salazar, Mayor of the Municipality of Tiquicheo, was attacked on October 15, 2009. An armed group Opened Fire on the SUV she was in.

The member of the PRI Survived, after many wounds to her body and heart. The attack killed Jose Sanchez Chavez, her husband.

Maria has suffered two attacks of violence.

Here is a message to the state citizens and reasons for why she continues to lead the charge.


There is no doubt that life sometimes burdens us with suffering and humiliation . We often do not understand and must accept this as Gods plan. Much to my regret, I have had to suffer losses I do not want anyone else to ever have to suffer. I accept with resignation and with wisdom that this is the will of Our Lord and I try to move on with my wounded soul.

I know that sometimes life surprises us, and hurts us. That my life has not been easy often and that I have had troubles and misfortune is well known.  At the risk of my own self and family, I know my responsibility is to my people. It is to the hardworking men, women, who everyday strive to take care of their children. It is my job as mayor to bring the benefits and support these people need in Tiquichenses.

My main goal is to help my people to have a better quality of life.
My future involves plans to help the people of where I was born, of where I live especially the disabled to have a better life. I ask God to give me the strength to serve my people well.
I am a women who has cried many tears, whom God has dried my tired face.

At another time in my life I may have given up, but not now. I cannot give up, I have 3 children, whom I must teach by example. I owe it to the memory of my husband to be strong as he remains my guiding light.

It is true that I have been attacked physically and mentally and I still have wounds from bullets. Everyday I struggle to erase the memories of the horrors I have seen.

I wish to tell those close to me how grateful I am for their support, and faith in me and my work.

I wanted to show my body hurt, maimed and humiliated because I am not ashamed of it. It is the result of actions that have marked my life.
My children and my family are living proof of courage. I need you to see that my physical and mental wounds, do not stop me from still standing and fighting to be the leader of the people.

Many people have doubted the severity of my injuries, now the proof is in your hands. my maimed body speaks for itself.

This is necessary as I needed to give my version of the attacks. What you see, does not needed much explanation. But I want your understanding, support and consideration. It is with unquenchable determination that I continue my mission of service. Service to the job of which I was elected, to help those less fortunate .

All of my decisions during my tenure have been made with my service to the people in my mind.  My conscious is clean and my accounting has always been open.

History will judge me. I have not been perfect but I have remained true to my ideals.  I am secure in my purpose and convinced it is the right path to take. My deepest warmest thanks to those who have supported me. My children, my mother, my brothers, friends, colleagues and to all the people who have always been there to support me- I thank you.

My life has brought me a long way. I have tried not to falter but I have discovered a great secret. That often after climbing a hill, you discover that there are many more hills behind you. I have been given a moment’s rest here to be able to glance at the glorious panorama around me, looking back upon the distance I have travelled, but I can only rest for a moment . I have responsibilities and I dare not stop too long. My journey is not over. I am forever grateful to have the privilege to be part of the history of Tiquicheo.

Dr. Maria Santos Salazar Gorrostieta

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