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NARCO BLOG: Mass Narco Grave, 60 more Bodies Found, Total 148 Corpses

NARCO BLOG: Mass Narco Grave, 60 more Bodies Found, Total 148 Corpses

Photo: Mass Narco Grave Uncovered

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Tamaulipas authorities reported that they had counted 88 bodies of those who had found in the massive narco grave.  Sources indicate that more bodies were found at least another 60, giving a figure of 148.

With recent findings, it is possible that the figure might still increase as there has come more information on a possible narco grave in the same municipality of San Fernando.

At least 60 of those found in the graves, were murdered with sledgehammers, showing the brutality of the slaughter that was committed. Authorities say the murders were organized by members of Los Zetas.

One version is that the gunmen forced their victims to dig their own graves, while they were beaten with sticks.

” It is not the same as taking a bullet that will kill you immediately; if you target a vital organ such as the skull to be hit with a blunt instrument, which will cause a head injury. It will that eventually kill you, but it takes hours to bring death to the victim “, medical sources said.

So far three bodies have been identified, that of Gonzalo Garcia Casanova was born in Tamaulipas, Fernando Díaz Ramírez, 39 years old, from Chihuahua, who worked as a bricklayer in San Fernando, and a man from Guatemala.

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