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Narco Blog: Man Hung From Bridge Then Set on Fire

Narco Blog: Man Hung From Bridge Then Set on Fire

Photo: Charred body

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Several heavily armed men showed up on the auto bridge at Revolution and Chapultepec avenues late Monday evening. With hundreds of motorists as witnesses, criminals hung a person, then sprinkled him with gasoline and set fire to him in -the sight of all.

Citizens traveling in the area could not help but to witness the gruesome scene, the victim had been hung from the bridge with chains and then burned. The body was charred.

This is the same place where only a couple days ago some young people had been hung and killed.  As is usual, there were no arrests.

Elements of the Federal Police, the Mexican Army and the State Investigation Agency, were present all convened at the site. Within minutes, staff from the Medical Examiner was able to rescue the body hanging.

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