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NARCO BLOG: Los Zetas Slaughter 27 Landscapers in Guatemala

NARCO BLOG: Los Zetas Slaughter 27 Landscapers in Guatemala

Photo: Guatemala Massacre

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A slaughter was recorded Sunday in the village Caserio La Bomba; part of Peten, Guatemala, near the border with Mexico, where 27 people were executed, the group of Los Zetas has claimed responsibility.

At Finca Los Cocos the scene was brutal, most of the victims were beheaded, others had signs of having been brutally tortured, and among the 27 were two children and two women.  Reports indicate that they have not yet located three heads.

Beside the bodies were found a narco message written in blood, it said, ” SALGUERO , WE ARE COMING FOR YOU “
Authorities announced that there is a survivor of the brutal attack. The man was attacked with knives, and played dead, and he managed to fool the killers. He has been hospitalized. The injured said that there were about 30-armed men who are responsible for the killing, also identified as Los Zetas.

The gunmen arrived and asked for Otto Salguero, owner of the property, whom authorities suspect has ties to drug trafficking. But the people working did not know anything about him, ” I was sunbathing when people told him not to move and began shooting. The killing began at about seven o’clock Saturday night and ended around three in the morning. I’m alive, thank God. I played dead when I got a knife in the stomach, then went into hiding and left at about five o’clock. I walked several miles to find help, I met someone who gave me help, “said the 23 year old survivor.

” We were hired for a month and we were paid about 7 dollars a day.  That this happened was a tragedy. We were working on the planting of grass, and it was the first time I got there and I hope never again to return to that place. What I want is to return to my village and be with my children, “said the young father.

Authorities released the names of some executives who have managed to be identified, it is Emiliano Alonso Ramirez, 17; Adonai Elio Ramirez, 15, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, 28, Jose Arnulfo Ramirez, 33 , Jorge Antonio Rodriguez, 24, Rosa RachelJoy Roque, 22 years Interiano Felipe Cruz, 28; Irma Ramirez Jordan, 22, Ezequiel Garcia, 24, Moses Rodriguez, 28, Fernando Guizar Bailey , 44, Sergio Guizar Alexis Bailey, 25, Walter Bailey Guizar, 21, and a boy of 13 years.

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