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Narco Blog: GunmenTorture then Execute 17 Year Old

Narco Blog: GunmenTorture then Execute 17 Year Old

Photo: Jose Silva Toro, 17

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Gunmen entered a home in the colony Zepeda Eugenio Barrio Alto Cojumatlán of boiling, Michoacan. They confronted the young boy who was inside his house. The boy was tortured, beaten and then finally executed. The authorities arrived at the scene after being notified by people living in the area that something violent had happened in the home. Police found a young man next to a bed who was covered with a blanket and dead.

Beside the young victim the criminals left a narcomessage written on a sheet of notebook same calling the young man a dog.

The youth was identified as Jose Silva Toro, 17.  The body was taken to the morgue by Forensic Medical Service personnel.

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