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Narco Blog: Gunman Attack In Pizza Parlor Filled with Children

Narco Blog: Gunman Attack In Pizza Parlor Filled with Children

Photo: Pizza Restaurant Murder

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During the afternoon yesterday, terror was spread through the Peter Piper Pizza restaurant located in the Anahuac Plaza Bella shopping center, on the Sendero Avenue North, in the municipality of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

It all started when five unidentified men arrived at the parking lot in a white car. Three of them entered the pizzeria and were seated at a table, they sat for several minutes, and while the other two were at the gates of the business. The place was packed with children and parents. Families were enjoying the food and games.

The unknown men who had just entered the place located two youths who were sitting at another table, one of them was holding the order number, waiting their turn, when suddenly began the gunshots.

The strangers were armed, were hit men, and made a planned attack, fired at two youths who were going to eat at the pizzeria. When you hear the detonations customers and employees of the place fell to the floor while the children cried and screamed at what was happening. After attacking the two young men, the five gunmen fled in the vehicle Platina. Employees place called paramedics who went away, had a run, and his companion was seriously injured.

Elements of the Municipal Police were also present to protect the children, and youth as they watched terrified. The panic was overwhelming as some went into nervous breakdown. Staff of the Medical Examiner’s picked up one body who so far remains as unknown. The wounded boy was taken to a hospital where he received care.  So far the killers have not been located.

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