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NARCO BLOG:  Gun Battle in Front of Mexican Wal Mart, One Victim Ten Years Old

In front of dozens of people in broad daylight, a former police officer was killed in a gunfire assault in the parking lot of a Wal Mart, the attack also left a child dead at the scene.

The victim, according to information provided in a statement by the Attorney General in the State of Sonora (PGJE), was identified as Rodolfo Portillo Woolfolk, 38, of Obregon, Sonora Mexico.

The other victim was identified as Alfonso Ramírez Piña, 10 years old from Obregon, Sonora Mexico.

According to the police authorities, the incident took place at 3:34 p.m.  Woolfolk Portillo was stopped by gunmen who shot him when he tried to get into a Nissan type car, which was parked at the mall.

During the shooting, stray bullets also injured Ramírez Piña, who was nearby and died later because of the severity of the injury.

According to an uncle of the boy, he had gone with his parents and grandmother to the Wal Mart, located north of Ciudad Obregon to do some shopping, and where he got a toy.

After leaving Wal Mart, the boy ran head of his family toward the family car in the parking lot just as the shooting had began. 

Alfonso will be waked in his home and will be buried tomorrow afternoon, according to information from relatives. Since yesterday they (the family) has had no police authority come interview the family.

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