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Narco Blog: Five Los Zetas Charged in Casino Royale Attack

Narco Blog: Five Los Zetas Charged in Casino Royale Attack

Photo: Los Zetas Charged in Casino Attack

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This morning, the governor of Nuevo León, Rodrigo Medina, gave a press conference where he presented the five suspects in the attack in Casino Royale last week. The detainees have confessed to having participated in the slaughter, as well as also confessing to be part of the criminal group of Los Zetas.  Authorities also report that the captured men have given the name of the person who ultimately gave directions for the heinous act. Rodrigo Medina said that authorities are convinced that the detainees have also been involved in additional recent violent crimes. Some of these include executions and kidnappings. Obviously these are unscrupulous and highly dangerous criminals and should be removed from society. From the beginning it was said that the detainees would be transferred to facility SIEDO in Mexico City, but for unknown reasons, it was decided that the five men would remain rooted in a house in Nuevo Leon for 30 days.

Immediately after the press conference, five men were presented in court. Some looked nervous, perhaps never imagining the ramifications of their actions. The authorities placed weapons, mobile devices, radios, plus some vehicles related to the attack, on display. Those arrested were Luis Carlos Carrasco Espinoza, aka The Chihuan, 25, Javier Alonso Martínez Morales, aka El Javo, Jonathan Jahir Reyna Gutierrez, 18, Juan Angel Flores Leal, aka The Cash, 20, and Julio Tadeo Berrones Ramirez, aka The Rays July, 28.

Authorities indicate that some of the detainees have been working for the Los Zetas for several years. At least three of them belonged to a cell of the criminal group that engaged in drug sales in the municipality of Monterrey The Zetas are responsible for recruiting Hawks to work for them, some as young as eight years old.

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