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NARCO BLOG: Entire Town Taken Hostage by Gunmen in Chihuahua

NARCO BLOG: Entire Town Taken Hostage by Gunmen in Chihuahua

Photo: Jicamorachi Chihuahua

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The people of the community named Jicamórachi, in the municipality of Uruachi, in Chihuahua, have been kidnapped for several days now. An armed group appeared in the town a few days ago and has decided to stay, closing off the town.

There are about 150 families who have been affected, noting that the gunmen arrived and decided to stay, so far authorities have failed to reach the scene to rescue people from the killers.

The only way out of town has been closed by the criminals, although some families were able to flee and hide themselves in the bush, as they fear for his life. In recent times have been several murders in this locale.

The people of the town are begging that the story get out. They are imploring assistance from the Army Bombayis to come to them and rescue them. Nearby Jicamórachi there is an airstrip with lighting that may serve for a rescue.

They are hoping that members of the Ministry of Defense will assist to rescue the Tarahumara community. Authorities are concerned because the situation is very risky and it would be very regrettable if more innocent people where to lose their lives.

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