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Narco Blog-Deadly Confrontation: Police Commander Rescued, Seven Killed ( Warning Gruesome Pictures)

The Taxco Municipal Police were in a shootout with a band of criminals, leaving seven dead.  This was all in the pursuit of a kidnapped Police Commander.

The Police responded to a distress call and the kidnappers tried to flee the scene in a red Jetta. A chase ensued ending in a violent clash. The chase continued to the exit leading to the town of Iguala, leading offenders into the community of Cerro Gordo.

Just before reaching the community the gunmen opened fire on the police and they responded back- killing seven.

The bodies, all of which had multiple bullet wounds were lying on the street vidaquedaron and inside the car.  In the back seat the Police found a person who said he was the person who had been kidnapped.

The bodies were relocated to the office of the Medical Examiner.

We have unofficially learned that the person who had been kidnapped was a police commander of Taxco, which has not been confirmed officially.

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