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Narco Blog: Chief of Police Shot Dead in Applebee’s

Narco Blog: Chief of Police Shot Dead in Applebee’s

Photo: Jose Refugio Ruvalcaba Plascencia

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Wednesday afternoon it was confirmed that Jose Refugio Ruvalcaba Plascencia (Don Cuco) had been executed in an attack at the Applebee’s restaurant in the city of Chihuahua.

Don Cuco was surprised by the armed group while having lunch.  The gunman reportedly looked at his victim, laughed and opened fire. There was panic in the restaurant and many witnesses to the gunfight. The murderers arrived in two luxury vehicles.

The authorities confirm that Jose Refugio, 53, was the head of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Juarez.  He was a native of Nogales, Sonora, and died after dedicating 33 years to the police department.

Many remember Cuco Ruvalcaba as a character, he is known as on who was not afraid to create controversy, as well as his flair with clothes.  He was previously head of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Zacatecas, as well as also to have worked with authorities in Puebla and Mexico State.

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