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Narco Blog: Cartel Hangs Beheaded Man and Sends Message to Attorney General (Warning Graphic Photos)

Narco Blog: Cartel Hangs Beheaded Man and Sends Message to Attorney General (Warning Graphic Photos)

Photo: Man Executed in Mexico State

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A gruesome surprise today led authorities and citizens of the State of Mexico, to a local bridge. The Hand with Eyes claimed responsibility for the grim scene.

It was something never before seen in the Valley of Mexico. It is the first time a beheaded man was found hanging from a bridge.

The man was found hanging from the Paseo Bridge Interlomas, passing over Magnocentro Boulevard. There were many people who witnessed the gruesome sight. The executed person had been hung upside down, was beheaded, and had no shirt on. The head of the victim had been left in below with the following Narco message.

The authorities tried to hide the Narco message because it was addressed to Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, Mexico State Attorney General.Image

Full text:
My name is Poncho of the 12th. This happened to me because I believed that the organization The Hand with Eyes was disbanded and I wanted to work on my own. We assure you, the plaza continues to be guarded. Attention Attorney General- we want back the $400,000 dollars that you were given and the 8 cocaine bricks that you stole. Sincerely, The Hand With Eyes

Elements of the Municipal Police decided to hang a tarp to prevent more people from witnessing the macabre scene.  Meanwhile, police closed the road to facilitate the work of the investigating officers and to remove the corpse.

After several hours of investigating, the authorities released that the executed had been identified as Antonio Sanchez, alias El Tono, who was known to sell drugs.

For its part, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico quickly gave a statement regarding the gruesome discovery, indicating that Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, aka The Compayito, leader of The Hand with Eyes, who has been recently arrested, had confessed that he had ordered the execution of man.

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