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NARCO BLOG:  Another Supporter of Murdered Mom Marisela Escobedo is Executed

There have been numerous protests throughout Ciudad Juarez, against the killing of activist Marisela Escobedo yet no one was expecting repercussions from supporting her in death.  Nobody thought that the fate of Alfonso Pérez Domínguez would be affected by his support for Marisela.

Dr. Pérez Dominguez was outside his house, about to get into his car to attend one of the protests, when he was confronted by an armed commando.  According to reports coming from the Attorney General of Chihuahua, the doctor was shot to death by the gunmen who then fled.

This killing came after reports that Escobedo boyfriend, Manuel Monge, business was torched and his brother kidnapped, all while her funeral was being held. 

Hours later another attack was reported in the colonia Industrial. Gunmen arrived and fired at three people who were on the sidewalk in front of a private residence.  Two men were killed, while a woman survived who was shot twice and is reported in serious condition.

Authorities say they have not arrested those responsible for the two different events.

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