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Narco Blog: Anonymous Children’s Day Party Thrown by Drug Cartel

Narco Blog: Anonymous Children’s Day Party Thrown by Drug Cartel

Photo: Invitations to Childrens Day

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The people of Victoria City, Tamaulipas were very happy (despite the violence that is daily and hourly) due to the upcoming parties to celebrate Children’s Day. Prior to the Celebration, two parties were being advertised. One party was being hosted by the government and another was anonymous.

The event by the Government was announced in several of the media, and start from 12:00 pm at the fairgrounds and the other from 18:00 in the Baseball Praxedis Balboa Park.

For several days before the event, signs advertising the anonymous event began to appear around town. They were not signed, and appeared odd,  but people were excited for the party ,. There were announced raffles, gifts, and of course ” free admission “. People thought they were members of the Army Mexican who retired early and wanted to do this for the children.

Text inviting the blankets event :

  ” It invites the entire community of Ciudad Victoria to join us this April 30th at 18:00 hrs. In Balboa Park Baseball Praxedis to celebrate Children’s Day. There will be contests, raffles, gifts and surprises come and celebrate with us in style! Free Admission “.

Social Networks like Twitter had accounts that were dedicated to proclaim the event, but doubts were growing.

The day came and the young were ready to celebrate, although the event organized by the Governor was not so popular, the other, which took place at the Park Baseball was in full swing “there were great games etc.

But the fun was interrupted for many, when shortly before the end of the event, a group of men dressed in black began to place narcobanners within the site, which announced the sponsorship of party . The Party was being paid for and sponsored by none other thanHeriberto Lazcano Lazcano, Los Zetas leader.

Text placed in the middle narcobanners party :

” THE CHILD does not need expensive toys and luxury. MOST IMPORTANT IS IF YOU GIVE THEM ALL THE ATTENTION, ALL the UNDERSTANDING, ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT WHEN THEY NEED IT MOST. Today has been an unforgettable Day for the very Important Children. ATTE. Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano Z COMPANY “.

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