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NARCO BLOG: 3 Minors Caught with AK-47’s

NARCO BLOG: 3 Minors Caught with AK-47’s

Photo: Minors arrested in Ciudad Juarez

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Raul Avila, commissioner of the Federal Police in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, announced last Friday that resulted in the capture of three minor gunmen.

The Police received a report at the Centre for Emergency and Rapid Response, which indicated that there had been an execution in the street Miguel Hidalgo. Federal agents responded and received information that the killers responsible had stolen a coffee colored Ford pickup.

The Police located the offenders where a chase ensued that ended in streets of the colony Guadalajara.

The killers were identified as Edgar and Jason, both minors. The young people were found to have an AK-47. People also detained a child under 14 years identified as Carlos. He also had an AK-47, supplied with rounds of ammunition. The gunmen were turned over to the appropriate authorities after the capture in the streets of the colony Loma Linda.