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Narco Blog: 27 Dead in Slaughter in Monterrey

Narco Blog: 27 Dead in Slaughter in Monterrey

Photo: Site of Monterrey largest Massacre

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Minutes before 10:00pm last night, a group heavily armed gunmen entered the Bar Sabino Gordo, located in City Center area of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The gunmen arrived in luxury SUVs several witnesses reported.

The bar is located on Carlos Salazar Villagran, and dozens of customers were enjoying the atmosphere. The gunman stormed the building and began shooting reported the witnesses. There were 8 gunmen participating who all left the building after a few minutes of gunfire. They did however stop for a moment to take pictures of the massacre before they left.

In the end, 27 people were executed. Thus far their names are unknown, with there bodies have been safeguarded by the authorities. Among the victims were waitresses, bartenders, and other employees of the bar, customers and even a man selling hot dogs outside.

Paramedics arriving at the scene took seven people to nearby hospitals to receive medical attention. Elements of the Mexican Army came to the site and shielded the area, along with members of the Federal Police, State Police and Municipal Police. The military asked the uniformed members of the other corporations to withdraw, as they were going take charge of investigations.

This slaughter becomes the largest to have occurred in the city of Monterrey, authorities describing the situation as unprecedented. As usual no arrests have been made.

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