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Narco Blog: 15 & 16-Year-Old Arrested During Cartel Initiation

Narco Blog: 15 & 16-Year-Old Arrested During Cartel Initiation

Photo: Cartel Initates

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The initiation into the armed wing of the Juarez Cartel known as The Line has very strict tests that must be passed for one to be accepted. Yesterday two young men, who wanted to enter the criminal group, were on their last mission.

One applicant was a boy of just 15 years and the other was 16. The boys had passed several tests but needed to complete the last requirement of stealing a car to complete the initiation.  In Ciudad Juarez, the boys had been given a machine gun and an Uzi to carry out the robbery in the state of Chihuahua.  The boys were in the colony Satellite seeking a victim. Local Municipal Police grew suspicious watching the young men brandishing these weapons. When questioned, the nervous, inexperienced young men surrendered.

The soldiers seized the children and took them to the police station. The boys confessed that the Cartel would pay them $500 for the stolen vehicle but more importantly the boys could then join the criminal group.

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