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“La Familia” Cartel Leader Servando Gómez Calls Members to Unite and Not Lay Down Their Arms

Early Wednesday morning, an audio file was released where Servando Gómez Martínez, better known as ‘La Tuta’ and leader of ‘La Familia Michoacana’ called for unity and strength of the people against the abuses made by the authorities as well as by members of other criminal organizations.

In the recording ‘La Tuta’ urges his allies not to lay down their arms and follow the example of the late Nazario Moreno.

‘Comrades, go for it, pay a little bit of attention to the comrade who just spoke, the Brujito,  he is right, those were the things of the Doctor (Nazario Moreno) those were the things he taught us, may God keep him in his glory, wherever he is, he knows he counts on us"said La Tuta.

Gómez alleged that ‘Los Zetas’ plan to carry out violent attacks and stresses that people should not abandon their weapons to protect themselves, “Everyone please be ready, be ready with arms, keep them right next to you, don’t leave your arms, do not lay down your arms, please. Make it known to all comrades everywhere, all area managers are responsible for their area.” said Gómez and confirmed the death of Nazario Moreno, one of the leaders and founders of the Family.

The audio was recorded by a person who heard it through an open radio frequency on Thursday 9 December in Michoacán.