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Gabriel Garcia Carballo, Known as the Arab leader of Los Zetas In Tabasco Was Killed in a Shootout

The Tabasco State Police on Friday tried to capture Gabriel Garcia Carballo. He is known as the Arab leader of Los Zetas In that area and was killed in the clash.
The criminals tried to flee, resulting in three clashes in Different parts of the area, soldiers trying to Capture Carballo Were Attacked with Gunfire. Gabriel García Carballo,’ The Arab ‘, Along With One Of His lieutenants, WAS shot in the confrontation with state police.
The Gunman, trying to escape in a vehicle Jetta color network, while Engaging in a shootout with law enforcement. In gunfights in three different points along the route. Garcia Carballo and Another Person Who Has Not Been Identified yet were killed in the shootout.

DURING the operation At least one member of the criminal organization died.

Also Arrested were:
-Arturo Chapayo of God
- David Sanchez Almeida
- Didier Saúl Hernández Álvarez
-Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Also seized were weapons, The event seize Weapons as well as cartridges, three trucks, a vehicle, and communication devices. Image

Originally from Villahermosa, Carballo Began His criminal career in Los Zetas as a “hawk” Later serving as the head of “hawks” in the Municipalities of Cárdenas and Villahermosa. Later he joined the task force of assassins, and WAS Involved in Various Crimes.