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Federal Agents Suspected in Robbing Town Locals While Celebrating MX Revolution Anniversary

There is great indignation and anger in Arteaga, Michoacan from officials and residents after what happened to the town as it was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

The Federal Public Security Secretariat (SSPF) arrived in two helicopters, which dropped dozens of troops who proceeded to steal the locals jewelry and money as well as taking cash collected from entrance fees to a fighting tournament.

The angry residents of this southern region city, most preferring anonymity for fear of reprisals from the federal authorities, said that local authorities organized sporting events, a rodeo and a cock-fight tournament for the Revolution celebration and arranged a raffle for a 2011 vehicle.

Suddenly, on one side of the sports arena, two helicopters dropped Federal Police troops that were “heavily armed and hooded men.” They moved in different directions, pointed a gun at people, while stealing from the people their watches, bracelets, chains,
cellulars and wallets.

Then the SSPF entered where the cock-fighting tournament was under way with the pretense of looking for illegal activities.  They found nothing illegal and proceeded to take their belongings, and even took the entrance fee money.

Local authorities just announced their plan to report the incident to the Attorney General saying it is the second time the Federal Public Security Secretariat commits such actions against the people of Arteaga.

Read here in Spanish, en español.