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Blog del Narco: Zetas deny Role in Massacre ( PICTURE WARNING)

Blog del Narco: Zetas deny Role in Massacre ( PICTURE WARNING)

Photo: Zeta Drug Cartel

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Sunday the state of Nuevo Leon woke up to reports indicating that over 30 bodies had been dumped on the Free Road to Reynosa, in the town of Cadereyta. The authorities indicated that they were 49, but a reliable source said that 68 people including women were executed.

Authorities in Nuevo Leon reported in a press conference that the perpetrators of the slaughter were members of the criminal group Los Zetas, and also said that those executed were most likely not from the state. They indicated that they had found only the torsos, while pointing out that identification was difficult because there were no head or hands.

Today several narcobanners appeared in the state of San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas, same were signed by Los Zetas and were addressed to officials who gave the aforementioned conference.

The Zetas renounced the slaughter of Cadereyta and asked the authorities in Nuevo Leon to get to work and to investigate it, because they were wrong to appoint blame on the Zetas.

The bodies were transported in a truck, and an unknown man was filming the drop-off and at the same time direct the action. Several young men were taking the bodies off the truck one by one and then with an iron drag them to where the stranger told them that recorded the event.
The men were wearing clear plastic bags over their shoes, so they could avoid soiling or leaving any prints on the spot.

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