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Blog del Narco: Women Caught in Murder of Two Policeman Captured While in Bathroom

Blog del Narco: Women Caught in Murder of Two Policeman Captured While in Bathroom

Photo: Blog del Narco: Women caught in Murder

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Edith Norma Rodriguez Espinoza, 34, who is thought to be involved in the execution of two municipal police, was arrested last night on drug and weapons possession after a confrontation in which four criminals fled.

She arrested at a gas station located on the edge of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe, north of the city, where at 11:30 pm reports of the presence of five armed men who robbed several motorists in their vehicles.
State officials and Saltillo Preventive Police arrived on the scene and found a burgundy colored vehicle Venture, which had three bulletproof vests with logos of the Municipal Police, chargers supplied 11 gauge 762, a cane, two radios, one plastic gun, a bib for boots, a baseball bat, two magazines, a roll of masking tape and two white shirts with logos of the Municipal Police.

It also reported that in a taxi that was abandoned at the gas station, they found belongings belonging to Reyna Barajas municipal agent, who was executed on Tuesday along with another member of the Police.
Sergio Sisbeles, spokesman for Police said when he arrived at the scene, four subjects fled toward Monterrey aboard a dark gray Nissan Sentra with Nuevo Leon plates.

“The elements of the state forces proceeded to the location and they were attacked by criminals with gun fire and grenades,” the spokesman for security issues, Sergio Sisbeles. At kilometer 27 of the highway Saltillo-Monterrey abandoned the vehicle and fled into the mountains, so it could not be stopped. In the car were four rifles AK-47, shotgun grenade, two magazines for 30 cartridges .762 caliber and , two portable radios.

According to state authorities, Norma Edith Rodriguez Espinoza was in the bathroom so she could not escape with his accomplices.

Among the prisoner’s clothes were found baggies with what could be presumed to be cocaine and marijuana.
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