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Blog del Narco: Woman Executed in Front of Son In Nuevo Leon

Blog del Narco: Woman Executed in Front of Son In Nuevo Leon

Photo: Blog del Narco: Woman Executed

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Silvia Guadalupe Olvera Garcia calmly helped her 6 year old son to do homework when suddenly, after two knocks on the door, a man broke into her home and executed by a shot to the head.
The small boy witnessed the execution of his mother (24 years old) in their home located in Colonia San Juan Meadows in Juarez.

At 10:10 pm, a 9mm bullet killed the young mother and caused intense police mobilization in that sector.

Witnesses said that in Leganes Street, at the junction with Sevilla, three vans were parked in the dark, two armed men got out, one of them with a rifle. They knocked on the home door marked with the number 313 and then kicked in the door destroying the lock.

Inside the house was Olvera Garcia with her son doing homework, in another room was a brother of the victim and the mother of the two adults was in the kitchen.In a few seconds the gunman ended the life of Silvia, they approached and shot her at close range in front of the eyes of the child.

“The victim’s mother said the girl was in the living room with her child doing (homework), and was helping him when they heard a knock at the door, they did not open it but it was quickly kicked in.”

On one side of the body of the victim were a cap and two 9mm bullets, which suggests that the gun of the offender was jammed.

Witnesses report that the executor then brought out some black spray paint and made some marking on the came and made some markings on facade of the house, it was the seal of a group of a drug cartel.

The source said Olvera was unemployed, but relatives did not know if she had problems with people linked to drug trafficking.

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