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Blog del Narco: Violence Continues in Sinaloa

Having talked with his murderers, a resident of the colony Guadalupe Victoria was gunned down with heavy weapons in the vicinity of San Benito, opposite the Veterinary School of the UAS.

The crime was perpetrated minutes before 8:35 pm on Friday, on the boulevard San Angel, at the corner of Calle San Alberto.

Ministerial Police said the victim executed was identified as Omar Cortez Guadalupe Rios, who was 30 years of age.

Rios Cortez, was driving a gray pick-up in , UB-67 798 plates, and stopped at the scene to talk with some friends he overtook another vehicle.

Within minutes they heard loud explosions and then a loud screech of tires from the vehicle in which the thugs fled.

On the street lay the body of Omar Guadalupe Cortez, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body case, about 15 or 20 meters from the van he was driving.

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