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Blog del Narco: “The Cuban”  Arrested for Dismembering 4 Children

Blog del Narco: “The Cuban”  Arrested for Dismembering 4 Children

Photo: Joel Rodriguez Barrero, The Cuban

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Joel Rodriguez Barrero, “The Cuban”, was arrested several days ago in Morelos in the possession of weapons and drugs. He has been identified as responsible for the recent murder and dismemberment of four children.

The dismembered bodies of Brandon, Rembrant, Lenin and Brian, 14, 21, 20 and 17, respectively, were found on 8 March in the colony Pradera, Cuernavaca.

The youth had been kidnapped days earlier at the Alta Vista neighborhood, where they were seen manning small motorcycles.

Authorities say that the Cuban has been involved in other deaths and kidnappings linked to the movement of drugs, in recent months in Cuernavaca.

According to the attorney of Morelos, the subject entered the country illegally, probably from the United States, where he belonged to criminal groups of Cuban and Latin origin as the symbolism of the tattoos you have in your chest, back, stomach and arms indicate.

“ This subject has all the elements and is extremely dangerous psychopath,” added Benitez Velez attorney at the conference.