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Blog del Narco- Shooting Breaks out at Dance, Panic Ensues

Blog del Narco- Shooting Breaks out at Dance, Panic Ensues

Photo: Blog del Narco- Violence at Dance

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Hysteria erupted yesterday just before midnight in the community El Carrizal Grande, located in Irapuato, Guanajuato, where there was a shooting that sparked panic.

Community residents were celebrating the closing of the religious celebration of the Lord of Mercy, when they suddenly heard gunshot blasts and hysteria broke out as people tried to protect themselves and loved ones from bullets.
Witnesses said those responsible for causing the terror were the brothers Jose Manuel Enrique Vazquez and Rhea, who came to the dance and started shooting at people who were, enjoyed the party, all for no apparent reason.
A man named Jose Hernandez, 23, tried to take the gun to Enrique Vazquez Rea, and was injured in the scuffle.

” We are still checking what really happened, there is talk that Vazquez Rea brothers came with their guns, stood in the middle of the dance and started shooting people, “Romo said Joel Lozano, Deputy Attorney General.

Authorities said a total of four people were injured, being identified as Enrique Vazquez Rea, Rea Tranquilino Vazquez, Francisco Sandoval Lopez, and the 19-year-old Marisela Cervantes Vazquez.

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