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Blog del Narco: Severed Head Delivered Along With Message to President Calderon (Photo Warning)

Blog del Narco: Severed Head Delivered Along With Message to President Calderon (Photo Warning)

Photo: Blog del Narco-Severed Head delivered with Message

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A severed head of a man, was abandoned Thursday morning in the city of Taxco, along with a narcomessage addressed to President Felipe Calderon, where they charge that the federal authorities are colluding to give protection to the drug cartels.

The message and the severed head, have been attributed the criminal group called Warriors States, which maintains a battle with opposing Cartels for control of drug running and warns against the resurgence of violence in this region.

The message, written in a blanket, referring to the recent implementation of alternate local PRI deputy and representative of the tricolor in the north, Horacio Ceballos Barquin, political operative who served as the former governor Ruben Figueroa Alcocer and godson was generally linked to the drug, also shot dead in Mexico City, Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro.

Also, the drug cartels alleges links to elements of the Federal Police (PF), military and local authorities.

The man’s head, which was not identified, was placed on a cooler and the place was hung a narcomessage with the following message:
” Mr. President Calderon and to all citizens of the north and Tierra Caliente. Here is your garbage, these are the people who engage in kidnapping, extortion, collect fees and kill innocent people, all to benefit the f******  Rogelio Maldonado aka The Horn. …” Then the message makes accusations against officials of the PF, saying: “a commander Arriaga, who is in the PFP of Cuernavaca get $ 1500.00 every month and every time they kill someone for them they get $1000.00 to the commanders of the PFP and federal forces, one Att. The United Warrior “.

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