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Blog del Narco: Merchant is Executed in Michoacan

Blog del Narco: Merchant is Executed in Michoacan

Photo: Blog del Narco- Murder

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The incident occurred at approximately 10:30 pm last night, in a place without street numbers in the town known as Pinzandarán that belongs to the municipality of Arteaga, where the Public prosecutor testified to the postmortem of Isabel Flores Cruz, 66 years old.

The victim died from two bullet wounds, one in front and one on the back, on-site experts criminalists found two shell casings, a .9 mm caliber and a .38 super, which were secured for integration of the preliminary investigation.

The daughter of the deceased said that the two murderers came into her fathers store under the pretext of buying a drink. When he offered them one he was immediately murdered and the offenders escaped to an unknown location.
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