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Blog del Narco: La Barbie Accuses Federal Police of Accepting Narco Bribes

Blog del Narco: La Barbie Accuses Federal Police of Accepting Narco Bribes

Photo: Edgar Valdez Villarreal

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In a letter from Edgar Valdez Villarreal and delivered by his lawyer, Eréndira Joselyn Guerra Gutiérrez, to Grupo Reforma, the alleged drug dealer states that “the commanders of the Federal Police who are responsible for major operations combating drug trafficking in Ciudad Juarez, Monterrey, Acapulco and Morelia are receiving bribes.”

Below is an excerpt of the text sent to Grupo Reforma and published today:

Everything was covered by the PF, it should be mentioned that despite the history of Genaro García Luna, who is in various criminal cases and that the U.S. government is already aware, even formed part of the issues raised in the Initiative Mérida, and to which I have already had access to the latest witness testimony collaborator Matthew (Sergio Villarreal), President Felipe Calderon holds it in position without exercising criminal action against him.

As additional data must be noted that in many cases Federal Police made arrests, but did not seize anything.  Everything is lost (money, watches, cars, drugs, etc). However, it is necessary to note that the Mexican Army and the Navy are more honest.  I mention public officials because they are also part of the criminal structure of this country.

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