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Blog del Narco: Gulf Cartel Spy Nabbed in Nuevo Leon

Blog del Narco: Gulf Cartel Spy Nabbed in Nuevo Leon

Photo: César Iván González Ruiz (Blog del Narco)

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Nuevo Leon announced the arrest of César Iván González Ruiz, 19, alias “Happy”, who in confessed to involvement in two murders for the organization of the Gulf Cartel (CDG), for whom he served as a Spy (“Halcón”) in the municipalities of San Nicolas and Apodaca.

The story of “Happy” is a reflection of how criminal gangs recruit young people to join the ranks of organized crime, with promises of money and power that ultimately only result in years in prison or an early grave.

César Iván González Ruiz began his criminal career by committing common crimes, but earlier this year he was contacted by Dewy Vianey Rojas Martínez, alias “La China”, leader of the right arm CDG and Alan Joshua González Rojas, “Alan” or “Alane”, leader of the criminal group dedicated to executions in Monterrey.

On 17 January, the youth was sent on first commission on behalf of the criminal group. He was given a gun and instructions to kill Ángel Leopoldo Bevanides Robledo.  After this, he was ordered to kill Juan Bernardo Valdez Campos.

After these two events “Happy” became a spy for the criminal organization, even after the arrest of “China” on 31 January this year.

Gonzalez Ruiz was arrested by state police on 2 November, while in possession of two stolen debit cards.

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