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Blog del Narco: Five Zetas Arrested, One Carrying $120,000

Blog del Narco: Five Zetas Arrested, One Carrying $120,000

Photo: Blog del Narco- 5 Zetas arrested

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Five suspected members of the criminal group ” Los Zetas ” were arrested this week. Among them Miguel Angel Rodriguez Diaz alias “Alfa Metro”, regional alleged leader of the northern state of Coahuila.

In three separate police actions on October 14 in Coahuila five alleged members of “Los Zetas”, were captured. Five handguns, three rifles, a grenade, two RPG rockets, 2000 rounds of ammunition of 376 different calibers, 29 magazines for firearms, 12 packages with suspected cocaine, 11 kilograms of suspected marijuana and more than 120 thousand U.S. dollars were confiscated.

The first assault was conducted on Sunday morning, when elements of the deMarina Infantry did a land inspection in the town of Guerrero, Coahuila. They came across three trucks that were at the entrance of the village with several armed persons on board.  The naval elements repelled the attack while the assailants fled on board their vehicles. A chase ensued and one of the vehicles was confiscated. The occupants were Miguel Angel Rodríguez Díaz nicknamed “Alfa Metro” and Olegario Moreno Ibarra aka “The Sausage”.

It is known that Miguel Angel Rodriguez Diaz, “Alfa Metro” is the alleged head of Regional “Los Zetas” in the northern state of Coahuila, having under his operational control responsibility for the members of that organization, in the cities of Piedras Negras and Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila Five Springs.

On Sunday night in the town of San Carlos, Coahuila, Marine Corps personnel observed two people who were talking, one of whom was carrying a gun tucked in the waist, so they approached for inspection. Nearby were their two cars parked cars. A search found two machine guns, a bag with 123 thousand 920 dollars, more than 380 rounds of ammunition, several chargers for firearms and marijuana alleged three packages with a total weight of approximately 600 grams 11kilos.

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