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Blog del Narco: Bodies of Two Men Found in Landfill

Blog del Narco: Bodies of Two Men Found in Landfill

Photo: Body found in Dump

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The bodies of two men in an advanced state of decomposition were found at noon yesterday near the landfill Huitzuco, in the “Cerro Grande”.

The unidentified victims were between 20 -25 years old and 35 - 55 years old.

According to reports, city officials received news of two bodies in the landfill. Authorities responded to find two bodies.

The first of these had their hands tied up above the head with a yellow nylon rope. He wore green pants, jeans, and red shirt with black stripes and had no shoes. One victim had a tattoo with the letters of which only could see an “S” type blacksmith on his left breast.  The other corpse was wearing bermuda shorts, a double-sided shirt: navy blue with white trim and yellow with white stripes and a white boxer with black boxes.

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