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Blog del Narco: Beheadings Continue on a Daily Basis

Blog del Narco: Beheadings Continue on a Daily Basis

Photo: Blog del Narco- beheadings continue

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An unidentified man was found decapitated lying on the side of the Mexico 15 and Cleyton roads. The head was found inside a Styrofoam cooler, next to was worn in place a written message that read;

“Keep sending these bandits, we do not get bored ...” revealed the initial report of the State Ministerial Police (PME).

The discovery of the body was around seven o’clock in the morning, according to the police report.

The victim was not carrying any identification in his clothes.

This is a person not more than 35 years old, light brown skin, fair complexion, with dark colored clothes.

Local patrol inspected the area and found that the missing limb to the body was in the cooler.

Preventive officers immediately reported the facts to prosecutors, who accompanied by homicide investigators, began collecting evidence.

The assistant prosecutor testified and ministerial inspection of the facts, ordering that the cooler and the rest of the body, were taken to the amphitheater of the PGJE to full identification.

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