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Blog del Narco: 1.6 M Found on Ranch Where 3 Were Executed

Blog del Narco: 1.6 M Found on Ranch Where 3 Were Executed

Photo: 1.6 Million Found on Mexican Ranch

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Authorities said 1.6 million on a ranch located in the vicinity of Nextipac, in the municipality of Zapopan, after a shooting occurred Tuesday afternoon, in which three people died.

Tomas Coronado Olmos, head of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) reported that inside the ranch investigating officers and prosecutor found American bills that were wrapped in black plastic.

” Inside the property we also secured seven vehicles and recorded a 1.6 Million in US Funds. He explained that they have not determined the motive for the execution of three people, and that one of the victims (a women) owns the ranch where the incident occurred, known as Los Pinos, located on Calle La Noria Plan in Zapopan.

At the time of the attack, the boyfriend of the deceased woman was not on the farm, and has not been located.

Upon entering the ranch, gunmen opened fire and shot the people who were present, which remained around a tub of corn, this was recorded by video surveillance cameras from a neighboring farm.
Moreover, Coronado Olmos said the ranch operates as a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of meat worldwide.
According to unofficial sources, it is assumed that aggression against the people of the ranch could be to settle debts, possibly related to the drug trade.
• Cecilia Rios Veronica Reynoso, 35, owner of the ranch.
• Felipe de Jesus Contreras Villarreal, 20, employee.
• Amadeo Flores Contreras, 21, employee.

Material insured
• Two .22 caliber rifles for hunting.
• A 12-gauge shotgun.
• Boxes of bullets for shotguns.
• Seven vehicles.
• 24 fine race horses, including some ponies.
• Five dogs (the animals were protected from relatives of the victims).
Tomas Coronado reported that at the crime scene, authorities secured 150 caps calibers 9mm, .38 super, .223 rifle used by the AR-15, and 7.62 × 39, the latter used by the AK-47, and shrapnel.

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