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Another Grenade Attack in Monterrey (VIDEO)

Shortly after 19:00 hours on Saturday, C5 facilities in Monterrey were attacked once again, when a grenade was tossed at the judicial building.

An armed commando in a luxury black SUV, was observed arriving   on the scene located on National Highway and threw the explosive.

Immediately there was a strong reaction around the facility in order to capture the perpetrators of this attack, also agents of the State Police remained on high alert for another attack.

So far there are no reports of any wounded, leaving only material damage to the facility.

Authorities are still gathering information to facilitate the investigation of this unfortunate incident, and are also conducting investigative operations in different parts of the state (Nuevo Leon) to prevent other attacks like this one from occurring in the coming hours. 

Uploaded by brndiik. - Videos from SiTV and top Latino channels.