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33 Police Arrested for Working to Aid Drug Traffickers

33 Police Arrested for Working to Aid Drug Traffickers

Photo: Arrested Police Officers

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Thirty-three municipal police officers, 14 in Aguascalientes, and 19 in Chiapas, were arrested yesterday by ministerial officials and state and Army soldiers for their alleged links with organized crime groups.

In the first case, intelligence agents of the state of Aguascalientes and police arrested 14 military police officers of Pabellón de Arteaga for their alleged links with the assassination of the local police chief in early November.

The policemen, including two women, admitted to having worked with organized crime groups to provide information concerning the operations that the federal forces, army and state police in its territory had underway.  A log detailing the federal forces and police activities were in great detail had been provided to the drug traffickers. In addition, they were paid $3000 for hindering the operations mounted by the police.

The detainees said that days before the execution, they had knowledge that there would be an attempt on the life of chief operating officer, Major Jose Luis Marmolejo. Their allegiance had been to the killers rather than their commander.

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