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Twenty Years Later Amazon.com Decides to Start Speaking Español


It’s look like Jeff Bezos is going to piss off Donald Trump AGAIN - first all the fake news offered by his Pulitzer prize winning Washington Post and now he’s taking his e-Commerce website mammoth Amazon.com and offering it in Spanish. The White House website doesn’t even bother to speak Español anymore.

The Amazon.com site was launched 20 years ago generating $136 billion in annual sales and for the first time has added a new language to the U.S. site: Español.

“Customers will be able to shop, browse and search for millions of products, view their shopping cart, and place orders in Spanish on Amazon.com and through the Amazon Mobile Shopping app,” an Amazon spokeswoman told CNET. “We will continue to roll out the shopping experience over the coming weeks. More and more customers should expect to see the option to shop Amazon.com in Spanish soon.”

The speaking of the Spanish language on American soil (well actually Mexican soil before 1848 in certain parts) is seen by some as a cultural perversion much like bacon donuts. But business interests are the ultimate efficient whores seeking money where it is no matter what language it speaks. And speaking Spanish is a lucrative business especially since there are more than 40 million Spanish-speakers in the U.S. alone and 10 million of those come to visit Amazon.com.

The business reality is that Spanish speaking folks love their digital swag. Amazon is also hoping to tap into this economic powerhouse to promote its $46 Prime subscription that was recently launched in Mexico. The U.S. buying power of Hispanic consumers is estimated to be at $1.7 trillion this year for retail and consumer goods.

Spanish translation: Mucho Dinero!

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