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Google Smart Assistant Just Got Smarter and Now Speaks Spanish


The smart voice-assistant that we can’t live without and is streamed through different devices seems to be getting smarter every day but few spoke Spanish (unbelievable right?) that is until now. Google Assistant, that works on nearly 5,000 different devices, including its own smart speakers can now “Hablar Español.”

Once you say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” you can speak Spanish to check on your travel plans, and what your favorite World Cup team is doing. The Google Assistant, launched in 2016, though not as popular as Amazon’s Echo powered by Alexa has the most indepth voice command capabilities, according to experts. You can request multiple tasks at the same time and now do it all in Spanish – the Spanish speaking functionality utilizes the Google translate system.

Amazon’s Echo lets you browse the web, order your groceries, check the weather before you leave the house and dim the lights on your way out, without every touching your phone - but does not speak Spanish. The Echo does speak German and Japanese.

Spanish is the second-most common language in the world and the number of Spanish-speakers have increased more rapidly over the last 15-years. Currently, 437 million people speak Spanish globally including nearly 40 million people living in the U.S.

The Apple’s HomePad that helps you “interact with most things at home and it can help you with everyday tasks – all with your voice,” does not speak Spanish but does speak French and German as of a couple of months ago. And Apple’s Siri that started it all, and is the iconic voice of the iPhone is able to speak many languages including Spanish and Spanish in different dialects.

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