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Celebrate Trump-Style Spending and Enjoy World’s Most Expensive Taco

World Most Expensive Taco

Are you ready to spend like there’s no tomorrow? To conspicuously consume like a Trumpian especially when someone else is picking up the tab? To reach a non-pharmaceutical altered state of mind that involves caviar, lobster and truffles?

Then you need to head right over to Grand Velas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and sit yourself down at the Frida restaurant and enjoy the world’s most expensive taco thanks to executive chef Juan Licerio Alcala.

As reported in Conde Nast Traveler, Alcala created this epicurean masterpiece by seeking out the best Mexico has to offer – which BTW is not just $1 tacos. So be prepared for sticker shock: $25,000 for two tacos that combine Kobe beef, Almas beluga caviar, morita chiles, black truffle brie cheese (no the cow does not come with, in spite of the price tag). And if that wasn’t enough the salsa is enhanced with Ley .925 Añejo tequila and kopi luwak – something that you have to obtain by “gathering” excrements of the Asian civet wildcat – topped with gold flakes.

Forget your diet of bitterness and despair over the election and enjoy what is sure to be one of the world’s greatest joys: Mexican food. But please remember Frida’s has never been the type of place you strap a feeding bag on at, so fill up on chips and guac before arriving.

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