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Spanish King Strips Sister Cristina of Title

Sister Cristina

Former Duchess Cristina of Palma de Mallorca along with her husband, former Duke Iñaki Urdangarin, are charged with money-laundering and fraud in connection to Urdangarin’s embezzling of 6 million euros in public contracts through a nonprofit foundation that he and a business partner set up, France 24 reports.

As a result of this scandal, King Felipe VI, Cristina’s brother, made the decision on June 11 to have Cristina’s title removed even before Cristina’s lawyer Miquel Roca could even forward a letter asking for the stripping of her title, separating herself from the monarchy ahead of the trial.

If convicted, Cristina could face up to four years in prison, while Urdangarin faces a possible sentence of 19 years. 15 other people are charged in this fraud case. The couple’s trial is expected later this year.

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