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HISPANIC STANDOUT:  Belen Sisa is a DREAMER, Taypayer and Inspiration


Belen Sisa, the unassuming 23-year-old Arizona State University college student just laid a bomb at the feet of the bombastic President Donald J. Trump with a simple yet powerful Facebook posting:

MYTH BUSTER: I, an undocumented immigrant, just filed my taxes and PAID $300 to the state of Arizona. I cannot receive financial aid from the state or federal government for school, I cannot benefit from unemployment, a reduced healthcare plan, or a retirement fund. I think I’m a pretty good citizen. Oh and there are MILLIONS just like me who pay into a system they will never receive anything from. Wanna tell me again how I should be deported, contribute nothing and only leech off this country while the 1% wealthiest people in this country steal from you everyday? How about you show me yours Donald J.Trump? #HereToStay

Her Facebook post went viral shared over 5,000 times. She is enjoying the support of many other undocumented students and immigrants but also the hate that comes with being “illegal” in this country. Belen came to the U.S. from Argentina at the age of 6 with her family on visitor visas, which they overstayed. In 2012 she applied and qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). She has been an advocate for “Dreamers” ever since her DACA status urging Arizona to grant in-state tuition to undocumented students.

The photo of Sisa holding her 1040 tax form was meant to tell those not listening to multiple studies that the undocumented do pay taxes and are contributors to the U.S. economy. In fact, Belen has been paying taxes for the last four years and wants all the other DACA youth to do the same. Studies indicate that the undocumented contribute an estimated $11.74 billion by paying different forms of taxes including sales and property taxes.

The political science major is very interested in politics especially at this time when the anti-immigrant rhetoric is at a fever pitch. Belen is a dedicated Democrat having supported the Bernie Sanders campaign and attending the Democratic National Convention as a page.

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