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First Latin American Pope Getting His Own Vatican-Endorsed Documentary


Pope Francis, lovingly known throughout Latin America as ‘El Papa’ is getting his own documentary wholly endorsed by the Vatican. It is rare for the Vatican to work with or endorse a third-party to tell the stories of its Popes.

This “historic nonfiction film” titled Pope Francis: A Man of His Word will be written and directed by German filmmaker Wen Wenders. Wender’s has created two other Latin American focused documentaries: ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ and ‘The Salt of the Earth’. Buena Vista focused on the fabled musical group from Cuba and the other focused on the great Brazilian photohournalist Sabastiao Salgado.

The Vatican is providing access to its archives on Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio who on March 13, 2013 became Pope Francis. The documentary will focus on the Pontiff’s view on critical issues from immigration to poverty to capitalism. The Pope is an active participant in the film; the director had several audiences with the Pope. The film will also include footage of Pope Francis’ travels around the world. No release date has been announced. In 2016 a 46-minute documentary titled ‘Pope Francis: In His Own Words’ was released focusing on the Pontiff’s life and family.

The film has been in development for over two years and was just acquired by Focus Films, readying it for distribution.

Wender’s noted:

“The Pope speaks directly to the viewer, very candidly and spontaneously. We wanted “Pope Francis – A Man of His Word,” to be for all audiences, as the Pope’s message is universal.”

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