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Celebrating the Incredible Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Her Birthday


Today we celebrate the life and accomplishment of the girl from the Bronx housing projects born to a Juan Sotomayor and Celina Baez in 1954. This proud Puerto Rican in 2009 became the first Hispanic to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and only the third woman to hold that role.

This Princeton and Yale University alum made a name for herself by advocating for social justice issues, including equal rights for Puerto Ricans. Sotomayor honed her legal mind first as a Manhattan assistant district attorney then in private practice and then as an appointed district court judge then finally as a U.S. Court of Appeal judge.

Sotomayor, who turns 64 today, has been recognized as a strong liberal voice in the Court, a record that includes voting for affirmative action, support of the Affordable Care Act, and voting in support of same-sex marriage. Justice Sotomayor most recently voted on limiting government’s access to an individual’s cellphone data and limitation on
electronic surveillance in Carpenter v. United States.

Justice Sotomayor often speaks to young women on finding their voice and path to success. The best story, of course, she shares with young girls is her own incredible journey - a story poignantly recounted her in memoir “My Beloved World.” Sotomayor attributes her Latina background and hardworking parents as a key to her success and we agree.

Here is wishing this incredible leader, Latina and role model all the best on her birthday.

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