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Celebrating Cesar Chavez on His Birthday With Special Horoscope Reading

Cesar Chavez

The future founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW), César Estrada Chávez, was born to migrant laborers on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona, with a birth certificate time of 3PM.

The SUN was at 10 degrees of ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac, of the element FIRE. Ruled by planet MARS, ARIES is known for its pioneering; courage; and willingness to fight for what it believes. Planet PLUTO was at 13 degrees of CANCER and made a strong 90 degree connection to César’s SUN.

PLUTO is about power, its use and abuse. With SUN/PLUTO Chávez would have the personal strength to challenge those who abused farm laborers. He would give these workers a voice, and transform them into an effective union.

Chávez had 3 planets in the WATER sign PISCES. WATER is the element of compassion. It is passive, but strong. Over time, water can wear down stone. His adherence to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence may be attributed to César’s MERCURY, JUPITER and MOON in PISCES.

Even so, Chávez had the passion and will to fight when necessary. This stems from having MARS in GEMINI, in a 90 degree connection to his MOON. He knew how to stir the dreams and passions of his worker audience. The MOON stands for the broader public. When he needed to boycott farm growers, he would persuade the American public to be UFW’s union allies.

Planet Uranus (innovator, revolutionary) was on the Cardinal Axis at César’s birth. He would be known widely for the breakthroughs he would make in the migrant labor movement.

The Delano Strike which the UFW joined in September 1965 was still going in the winter of 1967. Workers were growing impatient and threatening force. Following Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King’s acts of peaceful civil disobedience, Chávez began his first fast on Valentine’s Day 1968. He committed himself to the principles of non-violence.

Twenty-five days later, César had lost 35 lbs. As he ended his fast, Robert F. Kennedy visited him, “out of respect for one of the heroic figures of our time.” At a Mass of Thanksgiving the two were joined by thousands of supporters. Eventually, the UFW’s strike resulted in a successful national boycott of grapes.

In 2014, President Obama declared March 31st a federal commemorative holiday celebrating the birth, civil rights and labor movement legacies of César Chávez.

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