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Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards Honors Latino Achievement

Hispanic Heritage Awards

​The Hispanic Heritage Awards took place this week in Washington D.C., honoring those Latinos who have had exemplary achievements in their fields of work this year.

​Those honored included Baseball Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, professor of petroleum engineering, geology, and physics at the University of Wyoming Dr. Vladimir Alvarado, founder of Mary’s Center in the nation’s capital, Maria Gomez, director Robert Rodriguez, singer Ana Gabriel, and many more. Everyone spoke highly of the Latino community as well as Hispanic Heritage Month, which started at the beginning of September.

Actress Rita Moreno, who was honored by the awards in 1990, hosted the award ceremony.​

There was also a performance from singer Lila Downs amongst many other performances throughout the evening.​

​Ronald Reagan started The Hispanic Heritage awards in 1987. He also expanded Hispanic Heritage Week to Hispanic Heritage Month like it is celebrated today.

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