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Peru Is Ready to Be Crowned the World’s Blueberry King – Sorry U.S.A.


Peru is celebrating the exploding demand for its blueberry exports, export levels that have now surpassed levels long maintained by the U.S. and Canada. The new trade record levels have been reached by Peru in great part due to demand by the Chinese market.

The Chinese market is learning to appreciate the heart health benefits of this fiberous fruit and its key role as an antioxidant. The U.S. is currently the main market for Peruvian blueberries but the Chinese market is the fastest growing.

Last year Peru sold nearly $400 million worth of this blue wonder, which represented a 50 percent increase compared to 2016 figures. Overall Peruvian blueberry exports have exploded by 500 percent over the last 5 years.

According to Fresh Plaza In 2017 Peru exported 41,329 tons of blueberries, versus 26,327 tons sent out in 2016.

Peru’s strong export record now represents, 12 percent of the world’s supply. Chile, however, remains the leading blueberry global market supplier, supplying 24 percent of the world’s blueberries. Chile sends the U.S. 40 percent of the blueberries it consumes but certain states are starting to prefer Peruvian blueberries.

One of the key advantage points of the Peruvian blueberry is that it can grow year around and are not considered a seasonal fruit like they are in Chile. As volume of blueberries grown increases, prices are expected to fall.

Blueberry growing has now joined the list of important agricultural crops for Peru that include asparagus, avocados and grapes. The regions of La Libertad, Lima and Ica are the highest producing regions of blueberries.

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