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Colombians Design Ultimate No Frills, No Seats Airline


The crafty folks at the VivaColombia Airlines think they have a solution for the economically anxious flyer, you know passengers who insist on more leg room but don’t want to pay for it – planes with no seats.

The mostly regional airline headquartered in Medellin, Colombia is making plans to remove all seats from their planes. They are confident there is a market for wanna-be travelers that currently can’t afford to fly but may be able to afford to “fly vertically.” Did we mention that VivaColombia’s financial partner is RyanAir – the (in)famously cheap no frill Irish airlines that is one wheel away from being Fred Flinstone’s mode of transportation.

No seat airplanes would be the utopian version of no-frill travels and the closest to a flying cattle car but VivaColombia thinks there is a market for no seat planes especially for the many 1-hour flights it does within Colombia. Avionic engineers believe no-seat planes will increase interior space by 21 percent allowing for 40-to-50 more standing seats while reducing ticket prices by 44 percent.

Major U.S. carriers like American or United have never entertained the idea being embraced by VivaColombia – they prefer for people to sit and suffer.

The challenge as it always is in aviation is regulatory approval. Currently no aviation authority in any country has approved or warmed up to the idea of flying as a strapped-in-standing passenger. Colombian authorities have not indicated it is in favor of the idea.

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