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U.S. Gushes to Mexico:  ‘You Are the Avocado to My Toast”


Mexico loud and proud announced it had a record avocado producing season of nearly 2 million avocados, while quietly thanking the USA and Millennials for their addiction to avocado toast. Quietly - so the Trump administration wouldn’t notice and decide to NAFTA-tax zap the green god on your table.

Therefore, it appears Mexico will retain its crown as world’ largest avocado producer and is on the road to becoming a majority produce of this anti-aging powerhouse.

The country’s Agricultural Secretary is reporting Mexico broke its own record with a harvest of 1,997,000 million avocados last year, with most of those avocados exported. Currently Mexico supplies nearly 46 percent of the avocados that are eaten in the world.

Avocados better known in Mexico as “aguacate” have been a staple of Mexican agriculture since the time of the Aztecs when they were known in the Nahuatl language as “ahuacatl”. Production is centered in the state of Michoacan where 80 percent of avocado exports are produced. Interestingly, avocado production occurs in “small orchards of just five to ten hectares” and is causing reforestation issues.

Lush forests and vegetation is being killed off and replaced with avocado farms to tap into the increased demand for avocados. The other bad-avocado news for Mexicans is the price. Most of the avocados harvested in Mexico get exported to higher-paying international markets. What is left is priced higher than other foods due to scarcity.

The U.S. demand for this fiber rich, heart-healthy tasty treat is what is driving Mexico’s increased output. Annually, the U.S. spends nearly $1 billion dollars on Mexican avocados getting the rest from the California domestic market. In certain countries like Japan and Canada, Mexico is the sole provider of avocados.

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