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Mexico’s Anti-Trump Sentiment Claims Its First Victim - Starbuck’s Earnings


Who knew that in 2015 when Starbucks’ opened its 500th location in Mexico’s City’s Antara Shopping Center with music, mariachi and merriment, it would be facing an anti-American sentiment two years later thanks to a sitting US President versus burnt coffee beans.

But in fact that is what has happened to this venerable brand. Everyone including most Mexicans have heard President Trump’s “Build the Wall” or “Mexico will pay” or Trump’s favorite description of Mexicans as rapists and criminals. While Trump supporters laughed it off, Mexico did not.

Many Mexican consumers started campaigns to boycott iconic American brands such as McDonalds, Starbucks among others. Some of those campaigns did not take hold but clearly others did. In January the #AdiosStarbucks was trending on Twitter so much so that Starbucks issued a public statement.

The company reminded the locals that it was committed to investing in Mexico, had created 7,000 job since it entered the market in 2002 and most importantly that its local enterprise is Mexican-owned. Starbucks remained committed to its largest market in Latin American opening its 600th location in Mexico in March, 2017.

Then the earnings news came indicating anti-Trump sentiment is alive, well and rabid in Mexico. Especially since Trump hasn’t improved his manners or tone with Mexico. Starbuck’s same store sales dropped a whopping 9 percent for the first quarter according to earnings reports that came out several days ago.

Bloomberg noted that “The drop is the first registered for an American brand in Mexico attributed to Trump since he was elected last November.”

Adios to the memories when Starbucks entered the Latin American market via the Mexican door in September, 2002 to much fanfare and love.

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